1. People ain’t no bad

    It may not be unanimous the opinion that people are mostly good - I know some of you are skeptical about it. However from time to time we learn stories that remind us that goodwill exists and people will help strangers without expecting a payoff.

    I took a cab last night to Grand Central Terminal and as I enter the car I notice there’s a laptop on the back seat. I show it to the driver and he asks me to give it to him because he would drive back to 54th street  - where he had dropped off the unlucky owner -  and return it. I asked if he knew exactly where the person went and as he assured me I handed him the computer.

    First reaction I had was to tweet it, and the tweet ended up on Facebook where some commenters were skeptical the owner would ever recover the laptop. To the skepticals here’s some good stuff.

    NYC cabbie drives 200 miles to return $21,000 left in taxi by tourist.

    The cabbie drove about 50 miles to a Long Island address he found in Mrs Lettieri’s handbag. No one answered the door at the house in Patchougue, so he left his phone number and drove back to the city. Hours later, he received a call from the family, turned around and drove back with the money.

    The Guardian is running a reader poll - “If you found a large wedge of cash, would you return it or keep it?” Here are the results so far.

    LIRR conductor lauded for returning lost wallet containing $2,800

    Pinkham was humble about his heroic deed, and isn’t even allowed to collect reward money as an LIRR employee.

    "We’re here for the customers," he said.

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